About Us

Our Story

We are Viv and Mike Cooling, and we’ve been lucky enough to turn our passion for historic buildings into a full-time occupation.

Viv Cooling, BMus(Hons) MA (Cultural Heritage Management)

I began my career as a professional musician and teacher (and weekend Sealed Knot re-enactor) before taking time away to raise our two boys. I’ve always had a great interest in Buildings Archaeology and British history. I’m a descendant of Oliver Cromwell and so have always had a particular interest in the interregnum. I decided that a career change was in order and graduated with distinction in the Masters degree in Cultural Heritage Management in the University of York’s Archaeology Department. 

In addition to my consultancy work with Frith Heritage I am the Local Community Officer for the Historic Chapels Trust, the secretary of the Association of Festival Churches, and the secretary of the PCC of St. Mary’s Church in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Mike Cooling, BA(Hons) MSc (Digital Heritage)

I have been a tech-nerd since I first got my hands on a TRS-80 as a child in the late 70s. Like Viv I began my career as a professional musician and teacher although I avoided the Sealed Knot due to a chronic mud aversion and cowardly leg. I worked as a data engineer and technical specialist for a large US engineering company before deciding to take up York’s Masters course in Digital Heritage.

Since then I’ve worked with sites and groups of all sizes to create 3D models, digital visualisations, 360-degree assets, photogrammetric surveys, websites and social media assets.