Conservation Management Plans

Conservation Management Plans are vital to the sustainability of your heritage asset!

We work with heritage assets of all sizes to create robust, forward-thinking CMPs that are tailored to assist with funding applications, sustainable future-proofing and community interaction. When required these include a full Statement of Significance.

We create CMPs as a step-by-step process that involves numerous stakeholders and members of the local community. Before beginning we discuss a full road-map with the client to be sure that everybody knows what they want and where they're going. This hands-on, integrated approach leads to outcomes of real value for churches and their communities and creates a firm base for sustainable growth.

Statements of Significance and Need

Most funding bodies will require a Statement of Significance and Need (SoSN) to accompany any application. If your building is a church then you'll need an SoSN to inform faculty applications. The SoSN isn't just important for these applications, it can help your staff, volunteers and community to understand the significances and challenges of your building.

A well-written SoSN will encapsulate the value that your community finds in your building and will sensitively echo all the things that have made it important to people for a very long time. It will consider and highlight any changes that your community feels are required to ensure the ongoing success of your well-loved building.

Desk-Based Assessments

We've undertaken historic environment assessments and DBAs for client projects of all sizes. Creating DBAs can be a time-consuming process but they are a valuable, often-essential piece of research that can inform project designs, planning applications and funding requests.

Contact us to talk about your project requirements or to discuss updating an existing DBA document.

Heritage Impact Assessments

Planning work on or in the vicinity of any Heritage Asset or in a Conservation Area requires the undertaking of a Heritage Impact Assessment.

We will work with you to ensure that you have well-written, robust documentation that supports you in your project and demonstrates a clear vision of a successful project conclusion.